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Thursday, November 25, 2010

"When you grow up, what will you become?"

"When you grow up, what will you become?"
A lot of kids back then and even now usually had to face this questions on different stages of their lives.

No one did knew the correct answer, but there were a lot of suggestions. Suggestions from parents, family members, friends and peers. And because of this question, lives were changed and shaped based on a lot of variable lifetime criteria. And one of the basic criteria is called "Dreams".

This is not the one that happens when you sleep at night but is the one that fuels us to achieve our goals in life.
When a kid sees a new toy on Toy Kingdom, the one that makes his eyes sparkle, he automatically creates a main goal. That goal would be, "he got to have one of those". Now because he is still just a kid and does not have its own money, because he don't have a money-earning-job for he is underage and you know the rest. He will look for the person who could acquire this toy for him. So the first sub-goal would be to look for mom and dad. After he finds mom and dad, he had two options.
to come clean and ask to buy him the toy politely
throw a huge tantrum to shame his parents and force them to buy it for him.
In most cases, the two options happens simultaneously. And when he completes his goals. The cycle repeats again. There are a lot of toys you know.

Now, other scenarios are based on the parent-child relationship. If they would create an agreement like if the kid had been a good boy(good grades, does chores and etc), the boy will receive the toy as a reward. Or sometimes a gift if the financial status do says otherwise. Based on this example we could see that goals are not only set by one party but all of the persons involve.
The parents want their child to be happy and contented of their life. Same with the children wanting their parents to be proud and contented of them.
Dreams escalates from simple to complex. Still based of the goals set by each person on himself and others. Some expects too much of themselves and others. While others are already contented of themselves but expects more from others. There will never be a contentment of selves and of others. This is because the world is ever changing and we are flowing along with it. Like a river, it never runs in circles, if it does, it's a lake. And the world is as vast as the ocean and oblivious like our galaxies.

Just like a dream, it can be as big and unreachable as you want it to. No one knew what we could become when we grow up. We might even grow old without knowing it at all. Sometimes, we see our dreams through other people. Our role models. And because of that we don't just achieve our dreams, we also become the person whom we saw achieved it first. Is it genes that shaped us or influence? Maybe both.

We choose who we become. There are just issues in between that affect our growth. In the end, people will blame you more than themselves of becoming who you are. It's not because of their influence that made you what you end up becoming, but because of your choices. You choose whom they want you to be and when they don't want the man they want you to be, who would want you now?
Let it be you to decide and want who'll you become and not others who does not know who they like to become themselves.
"I am a man that changes my plans and mind on everything in a fraction of minutes, for I easily gets bored of ideas." - creafilgo

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