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Saturday, February 23, 2008


What a nice sky isn't it? Another day I woke up to. To face the world which seems to have given me more unpleasant memories and keeps getting worst as that days progresses. Is this the LIFE I was meant to deal with? Is this why I was born.... COMPLETELY DIFFERENT?

A strange fate, this is what I have. I pour out my heart to remarkable imaginations to survive the realities of LIFE. I can never be a great artist, guitarist, dancer or even a writer. I only have few parts of these skills. Never mastered any. For I hinder myself to do so. To live a great life, you must embrace and give everything to achieve it. But in doing so, you'll lose everything.

Chasing dreams is where I'm not very good at. For dreams can't take me where I want to go or what I'll be in the future. It's because I don't know my future or how to achieve it.

In this world, everything changes for a reason. I go with the changes that is happening everyday. Plans in most cases were unreliable. For plans usually turns out differently as to what I expect of it. But of course, it is always good to have one. To experience both outcomes. May it be good or bad. For in the end, I'll have something to laugh at and learn with.

In the beginning of my life, I'm experiencing the worst of it. Well, hopefully in nearly the end of it, I'll feel the happiest part of it.

What makes me truly happy?

That's a difficult question. Why? Because MAN doesn't have one nor satisfy to one. It's HUMAN NATURE! It's one of the changes that frequently happens to me.

How about LOVE?

I once told a young woman that I dearly love in college that I classify girls based on my views of them.

First, the GIRL-FRIENDS. The girls on my high school days, friendly & charming. These are the ones that are good to be with. No dull moments nor sincere ones either. Only complete clean fun.

Second, the FLINGS. The ones that are good to fling with. No serious relationships either but the fun of discovering what a girl is really like. I'm talking about their personality, moods, likes, dislikes and etc. It's like filling up an autograph books. A girl or boy only tells about the goodness in them for both doesn't want that relationship they're having would be spoiled by each others brat acts. I have one too of course.

Third, the BEST FRIEND. A point in my college life that I felt an child-adult character. I choose to have both side of sexes to be best friend with. This is where I explored all of my emotions. Well, I think most of IT anyway. I was transparent! This is where I proved that when I was sincere of something I treasured most.

Fourth, the FLIRTs. I only met a few and of courses build my walls between me and them. They're actually misunderstood people. They hide their true self beneath those pretentious acts. But deep within the sadness succumbs them.

Fifth, the GIRLFRIEND or LOVER. Well, I felt crippled in my early years trying to be what I'm not. I can't express myself very well to the one I dearly love, that was in my college days. I was trap to another relationship because I thought in order to love someone deeply and true, I must endure all and accept all. I did but what I did not expect was... My partner never did. Our love did last long but never forever.

"To the other one I loved dearly, I'm sorry if on those moments that you have waited for me to have given my all to a relationship worth dying for, I wasn't there. I feared I'll just ruin your life. I accepted defeat by not trying, for at that time I thought it was for our own good. As I see you now. I hope i'm right! Goodbye and Hello!"

The sixth, well I didn't have the chance to tell you. The WIFE. This is the sum of all five girls I mentioned. She's the one you can call a GIRL-FRIEND for there will never be a dull moment with her. A FLING, for you give your best and all to her to make her happy each day and every moment your with her. A BEST FRIEND, for confining all your greatest success and failures in life. And understands and trust you in whatever decisions you're making. A FLIRT. She knows where he wants her man to be more passionate, gentle and loving at the same time. She's the stress reliever and pain killer of all time. A GIRLFRIEND. A woman that I see as the PART of me that I love the most! She's the one that I would give my heart to. To love, understand and trust. The one I give my mind to. That I may be part of every good and lasting memory that she have. For I know I cannot live will a memory of her everyday. She's the one I could give my breathe and life to. For I know I can live life everyday without her, but why choose not when I can! And this is the point of my life that I realized that I could live and sacrifice everything to have the one I dearly love! To know what you want is different from having what you want! Now, what makes me happy is loving my WIFE every moment of her LIFE.

Tomorrow, I'll wake up again and forget all unpleasant memories that LIFE had given me. I'll see the sky differently. For my life had only just began, my GLENDA torn the dark pages of my life and burn them with her never ending love. Now, I have a new blank pages of my LIFE that is waiting to be written.

My PEN is ready to begin...... - creafilgo

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Anonymous said...

No wonder I adore you. :) Regards kay Glenda Cute-Cute. Pati na ang mokong nga ga ubra sa ElectroWorld. Bal-an mo na kung sin-o na ah.