Deepfreeze alternative: Shadow Defender

I've been using Deep freeze both for personal(testing) and customer used. In the Internet cafe my friend and I manages, currently their using Deep freeze to protect their computers from all sorts of virus / malware / spyware and etc problems. There were few setbacks on Deep freeze but it proves it effectiveness in day to day used. Problems encountered at times were: it's not image cloning friendly. Crashes or prone to cmos resetting problem. [Read More..]

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

CreoScythe Website powered by

I invite everyone to check on my site powered by

This is a free website which I setup almost a year ago which hopes to help a lot of people on any pc trouble hardware or software. Your free to post any of your tech problem and we'll try to help you solve your problem in the best possible way we can. Some of our local area services were also listed on this site. Thanks again for those who read and supported my Folder Lock post. You guys were the best and I pray for you and your families blessings and safety. Again Thank You and see you soon in my site. :D

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